Fury Boost

Roman Inspired Drink

Fury Boost is a drink inspired by Roman war, In earlier times the Romans used to have holy water and wine which would bless, give them energy and protect them against the evil. Sprinkling with holy water is used as a sacramental.


To create a new energy drink as a brand and build a reputation in the market. The main aim of the brand was to have a story behind it so that the people could relate to the brand when they have the energy drink.


 “Gladiators Energy Drink – “Wine was far and away from the main source of energy drink used by the Romans for the war.”

It appears that energy drinks may have been as common among ancient Roman gladiators and athletes as they are among modern athletes. Said to have performance-enhancing abilities, these drinks often Taurine, a rich source of calcium that is known to help improve bone growth. High calcium levels are common in excavated gladiators.

In today’s world, Fury Boost packs a punch but has a smooth flavor on which you can really pound down made out of refreshing ingredients like lemon and mint with a combination of pepper to give it a spicy pinch, along with caffeine, taurine, and vitamins. Drink it anytime to regain your energy, and feel the rush of fury inside you.

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