AIRBNB – Don’t just live there


Airbnb wished to propagate a thought that encouraged travelers to look beyond the traditional travel experience and reimagine the endless possibilities of an authentic and rich cultural experience of vacationing with Airbnb Experiences.


Taking the Value Proposition of #LiveThere ahead, Airbnb wanted to showcase how travel with Airbnb is deeper than templatized travel by leveraging the Key Passion points – Adventure, Fashion, and Art & Culture, for millennial travel all over the world and in India.


We plan to associate with social media influencers, as we see a huge potential in establishing the connection between films and travel, in the endeavor to meet the demand of urban millennials in India and all around the world seeking a more exciting way to experience the world.

Our social media influencers will post pictures of their local street food and culture that they experience in and around the city.


This lead to people posting pictures about their experiences with the city and we go to know their favorite and secret spots that helped us promote those places and experiences with our Airbnb travelers, Don’t just live there, Experience the place with Airbnb Trips.

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