Wes Anderson Film Festival

Brief – To design an emailer and posters for the upcoming Wes Anderson Film Festival which is happening at the Matterden Theatre.

Madrid, 27 de Febrero 2018. American film director Wes Anderson poses for a portrait.

Wesley Wales Anderson is an American filmmaker. His films are known for their distinctive visual and narrative styles. Anderson is regarded by many as a modern-day example of the auteur.

Style –

Unique and interesting components make Anderson’s films some of the most recognizable. His refusal to follow Hollywood trends and blaze his own path in the movie industry has started a cliché all of its’ own. The use of subtle emotion, detailed character, music, impressive sets, an intricate storyline and use symmetry in the majority of his shots makes him a great cinematographer with a signature style.

“Signature dusty pastels, create timeless image qualities. That creates Wes Anderson perfect color palette.”

Taking inspiration from his movies we created a palette for our design.

We took the inspiration from the Grand Budapest Hotel for the design of the poster.

Vertical layout format was used for the emailer which could then be used to adapt for other promotional purposes on the Internet.

Popular booking sites were used to promote the event so that as much as traffic could be pulled in for the event.

A project by Hatim Raja & Siddhi Surte.

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